Friday, June 29, 2007

Doesn’t our blood get diluted if we were to consume this much water?

Please refer to page 6 to 8 of Dr. Raju’s Water and You .

I quote Dr. Raju from page 9: "I have written all this to explain scientifically as what water does to cells. Many people do not understand all these things. Some cannot understand these things unless they are written in detail. In this chapter I tried to explain that there is no harm in taking plenty of water either once in a day or several times a day. When we know the important role played by water in the body we try to consume abundant water. If one knows this he will not look down upon water. In the ensuing chapters we shall read about how much water is to be consumed, how it is to be taken and when it is to be taken."

So, please read this document by Dr. Raju, if you still have questions.

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