Friday, June 29, 2007

How can I convince my children to eat this food or drink water?

Our experience over the last couple years makes me agree with Dr. Raju that it is we, the grownups, who have the most difficulty giving up old habits and embracing new - not the kids. It is also my understanding that many grownups are guilty that they may be depriving their children of "fun" by discouraging them from eating french-fries or drinking soda etc. Before we started this exploration, I sat down with my kids and explained to them the hidden dangers involved in the foods we were consuming and why it is important to give up the things like sugar, reduce salt, replace oil with nuts and reduce the consumption of spices and herbs etc. Then I explained to them that we want to try Dr. Raju's method and that we want to try it seriously for the next 6 months - yes, 6 months was my original goal because I always give the best shot at whatever I am doing! They understood what I described and read to them, agreed to participate actively in our journey, and provided me the support and encouragement when I needed it. There were times when they did not like what they were having on a particular day since it was different from their expectations but they were sportive about it and either just ate it anyways or ate something else for that day. There were also times when I reminded them that they promised me to stick with it and hence they should try the food.

Do make sure you address their fears when they do end up eating those "harmful" foods. It is natural for them to worry too much about the side effects and get scared. I explain to them that there is no harm if they indulge occasionally in a candy or popcorn or had to eat a chapati and fried rice in a party, and that we are aiming at improving our lifestyle at a higher level than living like saints.

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