Friday, June 29, 2007

I cannot eat these “tasteless” foods

If you are a first generation immigrant like me, remember the time when you ate your first pizza? Did you not “not like” it? Did you not say, “What is so great about it” or “It is too bland / not spicy” etc? Did you not go back again and again and “help” yourself get acclaimed to the taste? And how about those of us who converted to non-vegetarianism in the name of assimilation after migrating to US? Did we not “work” towards it? When you could put such a sincere effort in doing things that are bad for your body, why don’t you try what is really good for you and your kids and family and everyone who will ever come in contact with you?

This food is not tasteless. Yes, it does not have some of the cooking ingredients that you are accustomed to. But the food is not tasteless. Not when you understand how to replace the bad ingredients with the healthy alternatives. So give yourself a chance and try it sincerely. So many of us did it and doing it, and you can do it too!

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