Friday, June 29, 2007

It won't be possible to give up coffee / tea

I was not a regular coffee or tea connoisseur, so I am not fit to argue with that. However, I do know that my husband was. He used to have Starbucks coffee every morning (and I of course bugged him everyday about the amount of sugar he is consuming in the name of coffee). Ever since he started following Dr. Raju's Water guidelines, he had not had a single coffee though. Completely given up! It's been two years he had a coffee and does not miss it and has lot more energy than before even when he gets less sleep than before! For my share, I had no Coke, which was a real favorite of mine, for two+ years now and even when I see Coke, I am not tempted anymore.

Like my husband, I know a few other people who gave up coffee and tea without even putting an effort into it. They just let the water and the method drive them and did not drink when they did not have to. And that is what all they had to do or rather not did. So, let the method help you. If you are more addicted to these and are making an explicit effort to quit, your body and head might fight. Stick with it for a couple of days with the help of a Tylenol or two.
Dr. Raju also suggests consuming “sour lemonade”, juice of two lemons and a little spoon of honey mixed in glass of water, sipped slowly, being sour will numb the tongue and take away the craving for coffee, tea etc.

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