Friday, June 29, 2007

What about when we go to someone's house or a party?

Again, wherever possible I use the opportunity to introduce people to my newfound adventure. It depends on the setting. If it is someone's house I am visiting, which means I am close enough to the hosts, I tell them that we are observing a different life style and offer to help them cook if they would like me to show to them. If not, we eat moderately or eat what are agreeable, things like rice or roti with a daal curry and yogurt etc. I have found that people understand and respect our resolve. Almost same strategy when I am going to a party with a big crowd. I manage with a salad or yogurt and rice or roti or something like that. If there is nothing healthy to choose from and it becomes necessary to eat something "unhealthy" or an oily curry, we just don’t make a fuss about it and just adjust with whatever is available and keep the sin to as minimum as possible. Also, if it fits, I make sure the kids and I eat before we head to such parties so that we do not starve, provided the food there is too oily or spicy for us to eat. And if I am attending an event such as a Math Bee competition, I sometimes bring in my own lunch to make sure the kids have something they like to eat rather than the oily and tasteless food catered.

By the way, the beauty of the method is, I no longer crave for the unhealthy foods from the past such as pooris, pakoras etc. I also cannot appreciate the lack of nutrition in these highly refined or processed foods.

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