Friday, June 29, 2007

Why deprive the kids of the pleasures of life when they do not need to?

Please don’t let your guilty conscious or fear victimize your kids. You are seeing people getting serious chronic diseases by their twenties: overweight, thyroid issues, allergies, respiration problems, diabetes etc and why do you want to wait until your kid gets there to take charge of the situation? Is pleasing tongue the only the means of pleasure in life? Is pleasing the tongue at the expense of physical and mental sanity “enjoyment”? Please give your children a chance to live life to the fullest. If not you, who else can help them?

You at least were lucky enough to have had a “healthier” start in life for the first two or three decades of your life. I did. I still remember that my mom had no spices other than a little mustard and cumin seeds in her kitchen and she fed the whole family, maids, guests and visitors on a liter of oil per month. What do your kids have? Donuts and bagels for breakfast, cookies and cakes and ice creams and chips and sodas for snacks, hot dogs and chicken nuggets and French fries for lunch and dinner? All I knew and wanted was what my mom made at home, but what do our kids have? They are always looking forward to eating out! Do you really think they would miss out life by not eating these? Girls maturing at the age of 10, obesity in the teens, diabetes and thyroid and other issues by the time kids reach their twenties: are these the signs of “pleasures”?

Please help your children become aware of nutrition in what they are eating and the importance of nutrition for the body. In today’s world, they need to be aware of this and this is the only way you can make them responsible individuals. Help them overcome the craving for these bad foods and drinks. They will soon get over the desire for these things that are silent killers of the body than energy-givers, and start loving the real food. I think what one loves as a child is what he or she loves grown up, so let them love the right foods now and it will help them later. Remember the Indian saying, “If it cannot be bent as a plant, can it be bent as a tree”?

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