Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brown Rice

Why brown rice: It is not purely carbohydrates and contains fiber, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. This hence is much better to our bodies.

Like many of you, I tried to use brown rice in the past but with no success. As a Southern Indian I found it to be not pleasing my tongue and was a harder compromise than giving up oil :-).

Recently though, we successfully transitioned to brown rice and this is how we did it. We started this by mixing brown basmati with white rice or parboiled rice. We started with one measure of brown rice for every measure of white rice. After a couple of weeks, we increased it to two measures of brown rice for one measure of white rice. We are now able to enjoy brown rice alone.

One thing to note is brown rice needs longer to cook than white rice and takes a little more water. In the rice cooker in which I earlier used 1.5 cups of water for every cup of white Basmati, I am now using two measures of water for one measure of brown rice. You might want to use aged white rice to mix in. Let stand for at least 15 minutes after the cooking cycle is completed. If your rice cooker has a 'Keep warm' setting, let it sit in this setting for at least 15 minutes or so. After this, loosen and mix the rice gently to let the steam out.

Trust me, unpolished rice is much tastier and looks rather exciting, especially when mixed with white rice, than the boring "plain white" rice. My kids love the looks of it. It is also easy to eat with the low salt recipes.

You can also use a brown rice cooker. In fact, this is what helped us switch to brown rice completely.


Anonymous said...

What is Brown Rice Cooker?

lnl said...

Thanks for your interest in our blog.

This is the same as any other electric rice cooker, only capable of handling brown rice as well. When we select the brown rice setting, the cooker is smart enough to soak and cook the rice taking longer – it typically takes two hours to cook the brown rice.

We use a very inexpensive but wonderful cooker from Aroma, .

Originally I was put off by the fact that it takes two hours to cook rice. But when we do not have two hours to wait for the rice to cook, we simply eat rotis for that meal :). Also the fact that it is programmable makes it quite handy. We simply set the rice to cook in the morning, just in time we reach home for dinner.