Friday, June 29, 2007

Can the water in other beverages and food be counted towards the 4-6 liters?

We supply water to our body for two purposes. One is to to cleanse the waste and second is to quench thirst, cool down the body. The water in the beverages takes half hour or more to reach the thirsty cells and hence not providing the needed help right away. In addition, it already contains salts and milerals and is not powerful enough to purge the waste completely. Dr. Raju compares beverages with washing muddy hands with dirty water, and hence not cleaning thoroughly.

It is ok to drink pure vegetable or fruit juice or lemonade made with honey and lemon juice when there are big gaps between two meals. For example, assume that you ate lunch at 1PM and are eating dinner at 6PM and not hungry enough to have a snack in between. You start drinking water from 3PM onwards, a half liter or so at a time in the inervals of an hour. Drinking lemonade at 5 helps you provide some extra energy or just to make it less boring.

But don't drink sodas throughout the day and hope it is the same as drinking water!

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