Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coconut Rice

- Similar to mango rice or lemon rice, but instead of peanuts, we will use coconut to make this variety.

- Cook 2 cups of brown rice (or brown rice and white rice mixed together) in rice cooker.

- Lightly peal one large raw mango and finely grate or finely chop it. Alternatively you can use lemon juice or a combination of both.

- In a dry pan, dry roast 2 table spoons each of split black gram and bengal gram, 6 green peppers - split lengthwise, a fistful of peanuts with skin on (optional). Roast all these until the gram becomes brown. Add in a handful of curry leaves - about 20 or more.

- Grind or chop another six or so green peppers and a half cup (or more) of coriander leaves and add to the pan. Roast for a minute or so.

- Finely grate half a cocunut (about a half cup of grated fresh coconut).

- Add all these to the rice along with a quater teaspoon or so salt.

- Mix well.

- Sprinkle some more finely chopped coriander leaves.

- Note: The brown rice + chopped coriander leaves add color to the rice and hence eliminate the need for turmeric powder.

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