Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dosa - Various mixes

Preparing the Dosa batter:You can prepare the batter using your usual process of grinding the lentils and rice. But if you are someone who cannot invest the time and effort or if you are someone who wants to minimize your rice consumption, you can prepare batter as below.

- Mix 1 cup of black gram flour with two cups of:
            Rice flour
            Spelt flour
            Red millet flour
            Sorghum flour
- You can also use wheat flour alone
- Or mix 2 cups of wheat flour with one cup of millet flour

- Mix the two types of flours with water, making sure there are no lumps. Mix it to the consistency of pancake mix and not too watery

- Let the batter ferment overnight.

- By next morning, the batter is ready to make dosa.

Preparing Dosa:
- Make sure the batter is a little thicker than you normally do, like pancake batter. This will help you make dosa with no oil.

- Heat a nonstick pan. When you sprinkle water, the water should sizzle.

- Take a ladleful of the batter. Pour it in the middle of the pan and quickly spread it into a cicle, forming a 2mm thick crepe. If it is too thin, it may not lift from the pan easily.

- Cover with lid and let it cook till the edges start to turn brown.

- Take the lid off, flip it to the other side and cook on the other side as well.

- Serve hot with any of the spicy chutneys or powders.

Alternative: Add 250gms of finely chopped onions + 8 to 10 grounded greed peppers + 1 tbsp of aam choor powder + a little salt to the batter. This will make them a bit spicy and yummy.

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