Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gourd Chutney

You can use gourds such as ribbed gourd, cucumber, zucchini, long squash, tindora etc to make this chutney.

- One pound gourds – cut into pieces
- 8 to 10 green peppers – broken into two pieces to avoid splattering while roasting
- Quarter cup fresh coconut
- Half cup coriander leaves (optional)
- One quarter cup of Black Gram (urad daal)
- One quarter cup of sesame seeds or almond slices
- 1 tbsp of aam choor powder
- A quarter tsp of Salt (optional)

- In a dry pan, roast the black gram. If they are split, the white split end should become brown. Another indication is the gram will give off delicious flavor. Transfer these into a blender or food processor
- Roast the sesame seeds and transfer into the blender. Grind the black gram and sesame seeds, until they are well grounded.
- Put the gourds in the nonstick pan, cover with lid and cook them till they are soft.
- Add everything else to the blender and grind well. Use water very sparingly because you do not want it to be too watery.
- You can also use a half cup of fresh coconut instead of sesame seeds.

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