Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How to eat sprouts

- Chew the seeds well.

Do not eat the same type of spouts every day. We eat mung sprouts for 2-3 days a week, mooth sprouts for 2 days, and alfalfa sprouts for 2-3 days a week. Eating different varieties helps balance as well as easy on your digestive system. Eating mung alone, everyday, might make you feel bloating.

- Eat seeds of different sizes separately. For example, eat mung sprouts and red millet sprouts separately. This is important because if you mix them and eat, the unchewed red millets will go down your throat along with the chewed mung sprouts. The digestive juices cannot penetrate through the unbroken skin of the red millets and hence the nutrition from them will not reach the cells of your body.

- You can squeeze some lemon juice or add some grated carrots, or dates or raisins etc if you find eating the sprouts alone is difficult.

- You can also add some soy beans and / or sesame seeds and / or peanuts, soaked and drained, during eating. Do not sprout these. Use small amounts, for example, a table spoon or two of these to sprouted seeds. This will increase the nutritious value tremendously. These and Dates are very good addition if you are trying to gain weight or anemic. Also soy beans are good if you are trying to fight cholesterol issues.

- It is desirable that you first reach a point where you are no longer constipated before you start eating the sprouted seeds. That is, you are having at least one or two easy bowel movements a day, preferably in the morning aided with one or two rounds of water consumption. Until then, which is a week or two, eat only fruits and vegetables for breakfast. You can also eat some oatmeal or cereals etc if needed during this time.

- Start with small amounts. Start with a 100gms or so of sprouted seeds. Then you can slowly increase the quantity. I now eat up to 100gms a day with a 8-10 baby carrots and a small cucumber for breakfast, whereas my husband eats 200gms or so. Eat some raw vegetables such as carrots or some fruits along with the seeds. Eat 100-200 gms or more depending on your need. If you trying to gain weight, you can add some nuts and Dates.

- Do not drink milk or yogurt with the seeds because they lack fiber and harder to digest by your awakening digestive system. The seeds will give you enough calcium and other nutrients.

- Do not eat cooked feeds and sprouts together. Eat just sprouts and raw veggies or fruits for breakfast.

- Even though the sprouted seeds are delicious and you might feel like eating them all the time, it is better to eat them for breakfast or worst case lunch since your digestive system is the most active during this time. Also, you will provide the “best” nutrition to your body when it needs the most.

- DO NOT EAT FOODS WITH A LOT OF PROTIEN FOR DINNER. Excessive amounts of lentils, yogurt etc eaten in the evening are hard to digest since your digestive system is slow in the evening and night and hence you will not be able to digest these properly. Coupled with the next day’s sprouted seeds, you might feel heaviness and indigestion, especially on prolonged such consumption. So, make sure your dinners are light with side dishes that are mainly vegetable based.

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