Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spicy Peanut Powder

Uses: This is very tasty and a good condiment with rice and roti etc. This will also come very handy when you want to quickly enhance the flavor of a bland side dish. Another big use is: let’s say you prepared some daal for the family. You do not want to add any more fat to it but want your children to have some. You can simply add some of this powder, without compromising the spiciness of the dish.

- 2 cups of peanuts, roasted
- 10 – 12 fresh or roasted or dried green peppers
- 20-30 curry leaves
- 2 tbsp of aam choor powder
- ¼ tsp of salt

Mix all the above and grind coarsely.
Store in an air tight jar for a week or so.

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