Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spinach Chutney

As I said in the Gongura Pacchadi recipe, this is a substitute for that recipe. Hence, very similar to it. While cooking spinach, please do not add water and use lots of aam choor powder (about 2-3 tables spoons for a half pound of spinach) to make it sour and remind you Gongura pacchadi.

- Half pound spinach leaves
- Half pound Onions – cut into large slices
- 10 – 15 green peppers – broken into two pieces to avoid splattering while roasting
- Quarter cup fresh coconut
- 2 to 3 tbsp of aam choor powder
- A quarter tsp of Salt (optional)

- In a dry pan, roast the onion slices, and green peppers until they turn brown. Alternatively, you can grill or bake them.
- Put the leaves in a nonstick pan, close the lid and cook until the leaves are soft and squishy.
- Grind all these coarsely in the food processor.

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