Saturday, June 30, 2007

Getting Started: Without Getting Overwhelmed

- Start with water. You should start with two (or one if you absolutely cannot fit in two) rounds of water. Even if you cannot drink much, make a sincere effort to drink as much as you can so that the rounds of water do their trick of eliminating constipation

- Throughout the day be as sincere to the water cycle as you can. That is, make sure you drink a little amount of water approximately two hours after eating a meal. And wait a half-hour after drinking water to eat anything. This is your key to eliminate food and other cravings

- If the morning water is not helping with elimination of constipation, please read Dr. Raju's Free Bowel Movement and see if you should be using enema

- A week or two after you start using the water cycle, please switch to eating sprouted seeds for breakfast. In the meantime, try to eat fruits or low-sugar cereals such as cheerios or whole grain breads etc for breakfast

- For lunch and dinner, try to eat as healthy as you can. Try not to eat meats everyday and every meal

- Try to eat "light dinners", not too much fat and mostly protein.

- Try to eat dinner not too late into the evening. Try to finish by 7 or so

- Start preparing your meals using a little less salt than usual using alternatives to salt

- When you are comfortable enough with a little less salt, start playing with brown rice and rotis etc

- When you are comfortable enough with water, sprouted seeds and less salt, you can start eliminating oil and reducing other spices

- Good luck and keep us posted with your progress!

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