Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vegetable Biryani

- In a cooking pan or pot, cook vegetables for five minutes or so: A quarter lb of potatoes - cut into large pieces, cauliflower flowerettes - about a cup, a cup or so of peas, a quarter pound of carrots - cubed, a quarter pound of onion slices (optional), a quarter pound of tomaties - cut into quarters (optional).

- Add the vegetables to two 2 cups of brown rice along with 4 cups of so of water. Add a half cup or so chopped mint leaves. If you really must, go ahead and add a few bay leaves. Also, add a quarter tsp or so of salt. You can also add a quarter cup or so cashew nut halves. Also add a couple of green peppers - slit lengthwise.

- Cook all these in a rice cooker.

- Gently separate the cooked rice with a spatula and mix gently.

- Eat this with Yogurt chutney (raita).

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