Monday, July 2, 2007

What is this method

This method is not something that sprang out of thin air. It is just a reminder of our age-old traditions aimed at taking good care of our bodies. For example, take drinking a liter or so water first thing in the morning on empty stomach. Dr. Raju quotes the ancient ayurvedic literature Charaka Samhita, "one should drink eight 'dosellu' water as soon as waking up", a "dosedu" is a cup made by joining both palms together.

Dr. Raju's method is not just about eating uncooked foods or natural ingredients. It is aiming at a much higher level and about “how to live” in a way that helps us achieve “total body health.” It focuses on how you care for your body in a given day; why the amount and manner in which we consume our water is not able to cleanse our body; what to eat and when; how to make sure what we put in our mouths whether it is water or food is used to generate energy for the body as opposed to spend 75% of it in digesting it; and most importantly how to make sure we eliminate the waste produced regularly. His method deals with making our internal system healthy so that we live longer and healthy and feel good about ourselves every single day.

As Winston Churchill said, “All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope”, Dr. Raju's method is simple. Making simple changes in our life style, we are going to make a huge difference in our lives and lead us to complete health! To put in one sentence, the method is about realizing the fact that our body is two thirds water and one third matter and hence we should start giving importance to providing our bodies with water at right times and eat at right times.

In his book Health is Happiness, Dr. Raju describes the Dharmas (Duties) of the body as Dharma of Water, Dharma of Food, Dharma of Exercise, Dharma of Rest and Dharma of Excretion. We can talk about each Dharma and its nuances and importance for hours but again to put it all in one sentence – observing Dharma of Water and Dharma of Food and other Dharmas in order to achieve the Dharma of Excretion (disposing of our bodily wastes) is our end goal, resulting in a total health.

If you are someone who has any chronic illnesses or someone who does not have any major health issues (come on, don't you at least have constipation or gastric troubles?) and wants to remain so, you should read on and start taking control of your health and life. If you are someone who eats healthy almost always but is not satisfied with the results, you will find answers as to why in Dr. Raju's explanation. Even though you may not find recipes to suit your food style here (I included mainly Southern Indian recipes), you can learn the water and food requirements here and using that knowledge figure out how to make “your” recipes healthier. There are testimonials from hundreds of followers in Dr. Raju's books who claim they cured themselves of diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, severe constipation, headaches, sleeplessness, indigestion, overweight, joint pains etc and no longer use any form of medicines!

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