Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dharma of Food: What to Eat for Lunch

Main courses:
- Brown / unpolished rice, fox millet and other millets, cracked wheat to prepare rice and rice like main dishes

- Bread (roti) made with various whole-grain flours such as whole wheat flour, millet flours such as sorghum, millet flours mixed with a little whole-wheat floor,

- Spicy breads made with any of the whole-grain flours and vegetables

- Stuffed bread (parota)

- Red millet (ragi) balls

Side dishes:
- Various forms of daals using whole lentils

- Vegetables cooked with nuts and seeds

- Some Yogurt

- Eat to your fill.

- Try to eat a small salad comprising of spinach, broccoli etc to make sure you eat good amount of vegetables

- Try to save your fruits to eat later for snack instead of eating with your meal

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