Sunday, June 24, 2007

Whole Toor (Kandi Pacchadi)

- One cup whole toor. You can also use toor daal but this is a great recipe to use the whole toor instead with all the nutrition!
- One third cup sesame seeds
- One large onion (about a half pound) - optional
- 8 to 10 green peppers – broken into two pieces to avoid splattering while roasting
- 2 tbsp of aam choor powder (if the tomatoes are not sour enough)
- A quarter tsp of Salt (optional)

- In a dry nonstick pan, roast the sesame seeds until they start to turn brown and splatter. Transfer them into a blender and grind a little (so that they won’t be wet when you add the other things).
- Now roast the whole toor in the pan, till they to turn brown and start to smell delicious.
- Roast the green peppers and onions till the onions start to turn brown.
- Since the toor is hard and makes a lot of noise while grinding, you can let the roasted toor to soak a little before you start to grind them.
- Grind everything until the toor are well ground. Add water as needed.
- When you finish grinding, it should be of the consistency of fruit jelly, not too watery.
- This is truly a masterpiece and tastes great with rice and should be a bit spicy.

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