Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Your Experiences with the Method

Please share your experiences with the method with the rest of us. How you heard about this method, what your health goals were, how long you have been following the method, what modifications you were able to make to your drinking and eating habits, any other life style changes you made, what progress you made so far, what you could give up and what you could add to your life style, whether your family is cooperating with you, how your friends received it, whatever you would like to share with us.

If you prefer, you can post your experiences anonymously. Please do share your findings and help motivate others incorporate good eating and drinking habits. Thank you.

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RC said...

I suffered from gastric trouble, burning sensation in my stomach, all my life - probably started by the time I was 10. I remember eating plain "yogurt rice" for years thinking spicy foods are the cause. It was bad but not unbearable till I became pregnant with my daughter 13 years ago. I started drinking milk as I was “required” to do and my burning and bloating became unmanageable. I resorted to eating all the time. Given that I was always moderate, I luckily ate a lot of fruits and vegetables but suffered a lot. No one, not even any of my doctors, were smart enough to mention "lactose intolerance” to me! I gained 50lbs (I am only 5ft tall) and ended up with a cesarean. After the childbirth also my gas problems did not go away - of course they would not, since I am still drinking milk because it is important for my bone strength :( - and one gastroenterologist wanted to remove my gall bladder. Don’t know why I was smart enough, but I rejected the idea and wanted to see if it goes away with time. When my daughter was nearly 2 years old, thanks to internet surfing, I ran into the “lactose intolerance” concept and gave up drinking milk. Even lactose free milk did not work (I am probably intolerant to milk protein itself), and I switched to soy milk. I was back to “manageable” pain levels and got the courage to go for second pregnancy also. We lived like that, everyone in the house treating me like a glass doll, quite aware of my pain worsening on minor diet changes, motion sickness attacking etc and hence being very careful not to upset my stomach OR my moods.

Two years ago, one of my husband’s uncles gave my husband some of Dr. Raju’s material while we were returning from our India trip. One of them was “Water and You” and the other was “Food and Thought”. When my husband “showed” them to me, I read one paragraph from Water and You (which basically explained the need to separate food and water) and I knew I hit the gold mine! I said we are following it and everyone in the family agreed including my then 8 year old son. We quit “all the bad ingredients including salt” and started following the complete water cycle, though we went back to adding a pinch of salt later on. In the beginning, I had difficulty to make the water cycle work for me since I was also constipated and eating sprouts before eliminating constipation, but with my husband’s “insistence” I got over it in a couple of weeks. I never suffered again in the last two years. I was extremely careful eating in other’s places and outside in the beginning. Now, I do not have to make a real effort though, because I know exactly which next bite is going to cross the limit!

The few changes I made are: Separation of water and food; total adherence to water cycle; eating the “same old stuff cooked with no oil + spices & herbs + less salt”; never starve; eat till I am full (or a little overfull when I am eating fruits alone for a snack) at any given meal time.

I am so moved by the simplicity and effectiveness of this method, I want to tell “everyone” about it and wish I could get everyone around me to try it. It was daunting in the beginning. Bottom-line, it took us three to four months of hard work and perseverance to reach a stage where I could cook "better" than before and we eat "more lavishly" (do you have the luxury of eating nuts every day without worrying about getting fat?) than before. However, it was not easy! There were times when I was frustrated, desperate, lonely, worried, scared about the path we chose and could only continue due to the insistence of my then 10 year old daughter and support and encouragement of my husband and of course my then eight year old boy. We trudged this path alone considering the fact that we had no one personally related or known to us traveling in this path, which made it quite hard for us both mentally and physically. That is why I want to tell people and support them as much as I can, so that they can reach this stage relatively easily, painlessly and faster.

Apart from relief from gastric trouble, I feel completely healthy and in control. No more frequent yeast infections and urinary tract infections, no more cold sores. Reduced my tummy line while not losing any weight. My husband may not agree to it :), but I think I am also much less irritable now.