Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dharma of Food: Coffee / Tea / Soda etc

- Coffee and tea have medicines that are stimulants. This will result in stimulating the nervous system and as the nervous system becomes dependent on them need continuous stimulation

- Excessive stimulation causes depression - after the effect of coffee/tea is over, your nervous system requires more stimulation and leads to depression and head aches etc

- Mucus cells produce mucus to avoid burning as the food etc travel through the system. Coffee / tea result in the reduction in the production of mucus and hence resulting in burning sensation and ulcers etc. There is no point in blaming chillies and sour foods while the cause is coffee and tea.

- Digestive acids, juices such as hydrochloric acid are produced when there is food in the stomach. Due to the stimulants in the coffee and tea, these are produced even when there is no need for their production. This is called irregular acid formation and results in heartburn and ulcers

- Due to the stimulant activity the production of the enzymes that are produced to digest food reduces. Due to this, the food does not get digested properly and hence your body does not get the required nutrition

- They kill hunger. When hunger is killed, the food eaten does not get digested properly

How to give them up: Many people found it quite easy to give them up as soon as they started the water cycle. Dr. Raju says, drink "lemonade without honey" (water with a bit more lemon juice) if need be. Also drink vegetable juice in the morning, after your one or two rounds of water instead of coffee.

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