Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dharma of Rest

- In order to ensure the someone functions at full potential or at required levels of potential, it is important that one rests properly.

- Similarly, our internal organs need rest to function well and stay healthy.

- Sleeping does not provide the opportunity to rest for the internal organs unless you let them!

- Since human bodies are designed to digest food in 2-3 hours, if we eat things that take 6-8 or more hours to digest, such as meats and oily foods, the body cannot "wrap" up the digestion process and rest

- If you were to eat dinner at 10pm and go to bed at 11pm, the digestive system must work for another 4 or 6 or more number of hours depending on what you ate

- This will hence steal "rest" from the body

- It is hence important to eat early on and eat light dinners

- This will give the digestive system the needed 12 hours of break per day and hence rejuvenate it.

- Please read Page 10 of Dr. Raju's Health is Happiness.

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