Monday, July 2, 2007

Dharma of Water: Do our kidneys overwork if we drink more water?

Again please refer to refer to Dr. Raju’s Water and You, pages 6-9.

- In essense, kidneys "filter" the blood. Our kidneys filter our blood at the rate of twice an hour. They will keep on doing this irrespective of the amount of water you consume.

- When you do not drink enough water, kidneys will not be able to filter out all the toxins from the blood

- The toxins filtered our cannot be discarded with urine, since the the filtered water is sent back into the blood

- On the other hand, by drinking more water, you can actually help your kidneys do less work because the blook is not full of toxins

- Filtered toxins can be discarded and hence do not accumulate in the kidneys

Some URLs that I found very interesting in this regards: How much water can I drink per day and it not be harmful?

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