Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dharma of Food: Eating Meats

- Human bodies are not designed to eat meat. Like other meat eaters, are we able to eat meat uncooked? We are only able to eat it because we are cooking it with all the spices and make it interesting. If not for this, we would not. We also do not have our mouths (our tongues and teeth) designed for meat eating animals like other meat eaters.

- Meats take 8-10 hours to digest. When food takes this long to digest, all the life energy - oxygen, blood, energy - are focussed on the stomach in digesting food. The rest of the body lacks the pranic energy. We feel sleepy and tired.

- As the foods take longer to digest, they ferment and hence cause gastric troubles

- Cholesterol - all animal products have cholesterol. Our body is capable of producing the required amounts of cholesterol from the foods we consume and we should not consume additional cholesterol. Animal products have cholesterol but no fiber to "sweep" it out.

- Constipation and colon issues - lack of fiber makes it hard to digest and leads to constipation. Hard stools result in blood in stool, piles etc.

- Increased risk of cancers and chronic diseases such as skin issues. Dr. Raju gives an example here. Leave a piece of meat and a peace of long gourd such as cucumbur on a plate for a day. By next day, the meat will be swollen. Due to oxygen reacting with it and bacteria getting into it, the meat rots and swells up and starts to stink. By second day, we can see germs in it. On the other hand, the piece of gourd shrinks as it loses the water and hardens. The natural protecting nature of the gourd prevents air flow and becomes dry. Similarly, non-veg results in the growth of bad bacteria in our body and is the reason for such illnesses. The second biggest killer in america is colon cancer.

- We will end up using large quantities of oil, spices and salt to cook it. This hence is doubly toxic to our bodies. In addition, these spices etc make our greedy for such bad food.

- You might be wondering about protein: do we not need the protein from the meats? Dr. Raju asks, what is the goat eating to be a good source of protien to us? Our seeds and nuts are great sources of protien without cholesterol and other bad side effects.

- Some wonder about iron etc: our nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits have sufficient quantities of all required nutrients needed for our bodies.

- How about I stop eating but feeding my kids meats? What is bad for you is bad for your kids as well. In my opinion, it is worse for your kids because they are living in a much worse environment than we did 20-30 years ago surrounded by nothing but polished / refined / laden with preservatives / full of anti-biotics fed to these animals / culture of eating out every single meal of day etc etc.

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