Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dharma of Excretion: How to eliminate Constipation?

How many times should we have a bowel movement per day?
- Dr. Raju says, once a day is constipation. This is because we eat three times and hence produce waste. But excreting only once a day can only eliminate one meal worth.
- Twice is acceptable,
- Three times is best!

Do we loose all our nutrition?
The large intestines only have the "waste" from our food after the small intestines absorbed the nutrition. So, we do not lose all our nutrition. Just like infants do not even though they have a bowel movement with each meal.

- Drinking enough water to ensure the body is well hydrated
- Eating food that is not refined and hence devoid of fiber, uncooked or moderately cooked foods, eliminating foods that are hard to digest such as animal products, oils etc.
- Using the water cycle to "put pressure" and hence "aid movements" of the large intestines, to compensate for the weakened state of the large intestines.

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