Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dharma of Food: Milk - Another Animal Product

- Milk is also animal product and hence contains cholesterol

- Also it contains proteins that are hard to digest by humans

- Due to this, our bodies do not efficiently absorb the calcium from the milk

- Too much milk consumption, can actually be cause for bone loss and osteoporosis. Please see Calcium and Milk .

- It is hard and may not be required to quit milk completely, at least not right away, unless you have heart issues or allergic to milk.

- Some changes you can do to help reduce the negative effects of milk:
            Please switch to organic milk "completely". This is the least you can do to help.
            Try to limit your milk comnsumption to yogurt. Especially for Indians, imagining life without yogurt is impossible.
            Try to use soy milk for your "milk" intake. For example, eat your breakfast cereal with soy milk. This will help you add some good protein and heart healthy fats into your diet while eliminating the bad fats and hard to digest protein from milk.
            If you have heart issues, try to use soy milk for yogurt as well. With a little practice you will really be able to enjoy it equally. Others can also try to explore with soy yogurt slowly.
            If you have any form of allergies, you might want to try eliminating milk completely and see if this helps you.

- Soy milk is fortified with Vitamin B12, so you do not have to worry about it.

- You might find the book Moooove Over Milk helpful.

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