Sunday, July 1, 2007

Taste Contributors: Oil and Butter

- Devoid of the nutritious vitamins, minerals, fiber, lecithin etc that were part of the nut from which the oil is extracted. These are needed to aid the digestion of the fat. When these are discarded and only the oil is used, it is extremely hard to digest resulting in overloading of digestive system and liver

- When heated oil thickens and becomes hard to digest

- When heated or boiled, the water molecules go out and the oxygen molecules create carbon chains called free radicals. That is why the oil "stinks" when heated excessively

- After entering the body, the free radicals in the oil pull out the electrons from the cells which then pull electrons from other cells ... causing a kind of chain reaction (like an atomic bomb!). Even thought the body is capable of stopping it and stopping this process eventually, such constant change in atomic structure weakens and causes premature death of cells

- Foods cooked with these cook at a much higher heat and hence more of the nutrition is lost

- Deep frying kills all nutrition and results in free radicals

- Makes one thirsty during and after eating which will make you drink during wrong timings

- By consuming these fats, you are taking away nutritious mines such as nuts and seeds from your food. This is yet another reason why you do not consume enough healthy fats on a daily basis which are crucial for the formation of cells in brain, nerves, glands etc and hence result in weakening of the body.

- Butter is a "little" worse than oil because it also contains cholesterol in addition to all the above

Alternatives: Nuts, seeds, coconut. Lentils and grains also have small amounts of heart healthy fats.

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