Sunday, July 1, 2007

Taste Contributors: Peppers / Chilles

- Least harmful of all the taste contributors, especially the young green chillies

- Burn the tongue while eating, but not cause any harm on their own

- One with ulcers, thinned out mucus layers in stomach feel burning due to these, but they are not the cause. The root causes were the oily foods, meats, tamarind, spices, coffee etc that resulted in this condition

- Tender green chillies are the best since they are completely digestible and hence do not cause such discomfort, whereas mature red chillies are much more spicy

- Dried chillies and chilli powder are not completely digestible and hence stick to the walls of stomach causing irritation to those with tinned out mucus layers

- One with ulcers etc can embrace the method without these to start with and add them as their condition improves and are able to handle the peppers

- Chillies make it possible for us to eat our food with LESS SALT. Hence use more peppers. Typically, you can use 8 chillies in a recipe that you previously used 4. As the dish is a bit spicy, it results in the production of the saliva in mouth and hence make the food taste better.

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