Sunday, July 1, 2007

Taste Contributors: Spices and Herbs

- They are antibiotics. Due to this, regular and excessive consumption weakens the immunity power

- They also cause the excessive production of digestive acids resulting in ulcers, thinning of mucus layers in stomach; some also result in increase in hunger

- Makes you irritable and impatient due to the corresponding chemical reaction

- Increases the desire for food

- Hence one should eliminate or significantly reduce the consumption of the spices.
Tamarind and turmeric too. In fact, these are the most important ones to give up since these are very powerful medicines

- You can use them "occasionally", may be for a special recipe or two, for a special occasion or two. Even then you can use a tenth or so of what the recipe calls for and still get the flavor

- You are doing this to improve your and your family’s immunity.

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