Sunday, June 24, 2007

Uses of Chutneys

- Chutneys can compensate for any minor shortcomings with any other recipes.
- Make them a little spicy to really relish the taste
- Since they are a little spicy, you can mix them with others. For example, imagine you prepared some daal or vegetable side dish, but it turned out a little less spicy or bland. Mix some chutney to your side dish to boost the taste
- If you are short on time and want something quick and easy while still making it tempting, a chutney is your best choice
- They go great with rice and roti.
- Try it as bread spread. You will love the vast variety.
- Yes, it can be a dip also.
- Spread it on a roti and roll it up and give it your son who does not want to sit down and waste time eating!

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