Monday, July 2, 2007

Dharma of Water: Water Cycle - An Example

Here I am giving the water cycle just as an example, to help you see how it would work. Hence you will see that I said drink water exactly two hours after a meal. In reality you might go a little this way or that way depending on your dialy activities, weather etc and do not have to follow the clock so strictly. In a few months, depending on how good you were in following the cycle, you will reach a point where you can again interpret mind signals correctly and feel thirsty when it is time for water! Also, if the weather is hot and you are thirsty, drink a little water even if it is not yet two hours after eating your meal.

Assuming you wake up at 5 A.M.:
- Wake up at 5. Urinate and rinse mouth and warm up water to drink.

- Drink 1 to 1.5 liters of water (in two to three installments) in 5-10 minutes. Let’s say it is now 5.15.

- Focus on having a bowel movement and have your first bowel movement. It is now ~5.30

- Brush teeth, do whatever else you want to do and start “exercise” half hour after completed drinking water. Let’s round it to 6.

Note: It looks like a lot of time between drinking water and starting exercise. In the beginning it might take you this long to get used to this routine, but pretty soon you will be able to drink the first round of water in a couple of minutes and finish the ablution in 5 minutes. Hence by 5.30 you will be ready to exercise. I normally use this half-hour till 5.30 to practice my Vipassana Meditation or to prepare lunch boxes if I woke up late.

- Exercise / take care of your work / whatever till 7

- Did you have any diuretic action after the first round of water? Urinate at least once after drinking the water? Then you can have your second round of water.

- Start drinking second round of water at 7 and finish by 7.15. Hint: You are not ready to drink your second round if you did not urinate at all after the first round.

- In this scenario, you could start drinking your second round at 6.30 (since you finished your first round by 5.30). Similarly, you can wait until 8am or so for the second round. For example, if you are doing more than one of Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga, Jogging/Walking etc, you might spend more time. In this case, you will wait longer for the second round.

- Let’s say 7 am for the second round and finished by 7.15am

- You can have breakfast at 7.45

- 7.45 – drink a cup or more of vegetable juice.

- 8.15-8.30 – Eat sprouted seeds. Try to eat seeds alone. If need be squeeze some lemon juice or add some grated carrots or diced dates etc. If you are not trying to lose weight, you can add some soaked peanuts or soaked sesame seeds or other nuts as well.

- 10.30 – 11 – Drink Half liter water

- 12 – Drink another half liter water (Just to show you how you can consume more water safely during the day)

- 12.30 – 1 – Eat Lunch (For example 3-4 rotis or rice with a vegetable side dish or lentils+vegetables side dish + some yogurt)

- 3pm – Drink half liter water

- 4pm - Drink another half liter of water or lemonade. Again to show you how you can drink more water during the day.

- 4.30 - Fruits or vegetables for snack. If you are very hungry you can have some nuts as well or some other healthier snack.

- 6.30pm – Another half liter water or a round of water and attempt for a bowel movement, especially if you had a only one in the morning and none during the day.

- 7pm – Dinner (3-4 rotis with a vegetable side dish). If you are having a lentil variety, consume less of that variety and make sure you consume more of the vegetable side dish to balance out. If your digestive system is weak or if you suffering from constipation, this is important.

Note: If you were hungry and dinner was available, you could eat your dinner around 5.30 or 6 pm, without drinking water after your light snack.

- 9pm – half liter water

- 9.30-10 – go to bed. You should not be hungry and need any food. If you really must, have some fruits.

Some variations:
- You may have only one half liter of water after lunch.

- You may not be too hungry and need a snack. In this case, you will drink water from lunch to dinner in small installments. You can also have Lemonade once or twice during this time.

- You may have a bowel movement without having the “round of water” in your afternoon, in which case you may not try to drink another round of water around 6pm.

- You might also eat snack at around 5 and eat dinner at 6, which is quite acceptable.

- You don’t have to drink water exactly two hours after eating. It can be 2-3 hours or even 1.5 hours. Pretty soon you will actually be able to interpret your mind’s signals properly and start to feel thirsty when your body needs water!

- You are someone who has a bowel movement as soon as you hit the ground in the morning (lucky you!). In this case you still should drink water 15-30 minutes after the first bowel movement. In this time stools from the ascending colon and trasverse colon will move and be ready for excretion. You still can do two rounds of water as described above. But if you want to make only one round, try to make it up during the rest of the as described above in small installments.