Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dharma of Food: Why we need food

- Food is required to provide the energy needed for the trillions of cells in the body.

- The digestion process aids this conversion of food into energy.
            Through the mouth, food gets to stomach
            Gets digested as a paste in stomach with the various dilutive juices and acids
            Gets into small intestines for further digestion and attains liquid form
            Digested food thus gets into blood and is called glucose
            From the blood reaches cells
            Converted into energy by the cells
            Unused energy is stored in the liver for later use
            Any excess is converted into fat for future use

- The refined, processed, cooked, fried, spiced foods instead put too much burden on the digestive system

- Most of such food consumed is used in digesting and converting into energy instead of providing energy to the cells

- Since the body is always busy digesting the food without rest even when we are sleeping, the purging / repair action is inhibited hence making us week, vulnerable and sick

- Such food results in or requires the production of excessive digestive acids resulting in the washing out of mucus layers in stomach, gastric problems, ulcers etc.

- This excessive digestive action results in chemical reactions in our body that excites us, makes us irritable. The food also results in our growing desire and greed for food and in general

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