Monday, July 2, 2007

Dharma of Water: Why we need Water

(1) Our body is two-thirds water and one-third matter, and hence water is more important to our bodies, than food (which is what we are doing now).

(2) What happens at the cell level if we consume less water:
            Intra-cellular fluid is drawn into extra-cellular fluid. Cells lose water and salts such as sodium and potassium.
            Cells hence contract and this affects their chemical reaction
            Cells cannot convert the food consumed into energy

(3) What happens to the body when we consume less water:
            Constipation because the digested and undigested food cannot move easily
            Dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth etc
            Waste cannot be purged out completely and will accumulate in the body
            Wastes such as dead cells etc cannot get purged and hence remain in the body and harden
            When water level in the body is reduced, most important electrolytes are also lost
            Body reabsorbs water from the large intestines. This results in the recirculation of "dirty water" polluted with bad bacteria from the stools in the body - resulting in bad odors, skin diseases etc

(4) What happens to kidneys when less water is consumed:
            Kidneys still must do the same amount of filtering of blood. There is no change in the blood flow to kidneys
            Water percentage in the filtered blood by kidneys is reduced.
            Hence, after the blood is filtered, less urine is produced
            Urea, uric acid, creatine, phosphates, waste material-containing nitrogen hence accumulate in blood
            Unless urine is discharged these waste material are not purged out. Since less urine is produced, the waste material accumulates in the kidneys

(5) Many doctors say 2 to 2.5 liters of water is what we need per day. This is because our body discards that much water through our breathing, sweat, urine and feces in a day. Applying the rule input should be equal to output rule, this fits. But this is not sufficient amount for us unless we are living like saints, eating uncooked foods with all the natural water intact, not getting upset and excited in our day to day lives etc. Because we are mainly eating cooked foods containing too much salt, oil, sugar, spices and other such ingredients which require us to drink more water to purge the waste.

(6) Signs that the body is in need of more water:
            Dark colored urine
            Smell in urine
            Burning during peeing
            Dry skin
            Dry eyes
            Thirst – unfortunately the only sign we react to.

(7) Hence Dr. Raju, upon extensive experimenation, says we need to consume 4-6 liters of water, systematically.
            Hydrate body
            This will purge waste from our body
            Eliminate constipation
            Eliminate bad odors, bad breath, help with skin issues etc
            Help eliminate our respiratory issues by eliminating dehydration
            Help the glands and internal organs function properly
            Eliminate indigestion by aiding the production of digestive acids
            Eliminate gastric troubles by washing out the excessive digestive acids

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